Become a Better Artist

Artist Up!  Become a Better Artist.

The first e-mail I read in 2014 included a newsletter from a friend who is a wonderful writer/instructor/mentor.  This one piece is universally applicable to all artists, photographers included. I found it immensely inspirational and just had to share it (and keep it here as a reminder to myself for the future).

Slightly shortened, the parts applicable to writers only are simply dots and the rest is useful to any artist.  Full article can be found in the December 2013 Newsletter. It’s about doing your best and then doing better. But I’m not a writer so I’ll hand things over to D.J .Adamson.

Redoing, Rethinking…

The Process of Art.

Many artists hate to have their work critiqued. That goes for the professional as well as the student. Yet, the point of criticism is to find out how your work is being perceived. Here are a few points to keep in mind when getting the criticism:

Listen, don’t defend. Despite what you are hearing, don’t interrupt, make ex-cuses or try to explain how they didn’t get it.

Don’t start blubbering like a baby. Artist up.

Don’t expect a standing ovation.

If the criticism is making you angry, then it is probably something you already knew but didn’t what to hear.

Begin making a list of repeated criticism …. These are your weak points.

Once you are by yourself, scream, rant, rave, and swear at all the comments you received, then do it again.

By D.J. Adamson