Burned Forest

Eerie Burned Forest, Yellowstone National Park

Burned forest became a familiar sight throughout our trip to Yellowstone National Park, adding to the already eerie atmosphere due to an unearthly landscape and completely unpredictable weather. The elegant silhouettes of the burned trees stood out sharply in contrast with the lush fire regrowth, gracefully becoming the predominant feature of the landscape and outshining their flourishing counterparts.  The big fire left its mark.


Image of burned forest in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

There is absolutely nothing predictable, subtle or ordinary about Yellowstone National Park.  I’ve mentioned this in a few of my posts already, but, believe me when I say, that the entire trip felt more like visiting a different planet or dimension rather than visiting a national park.

No subtleties here: severely harsh and breathtakingly beautiful at the same time, Yellowstone is most definitely a place to tickle every one of your senses.