Haleakala Summit

Haleakala Volcano Summit, Maui

This is a forgotten image from our trip to Maui and Haleakala Summit back in 2011.

The visit to Haleakala National Park was a highlight of our trip to the island, and, as with all amazing places I visit, I’ve wanted to see it again ever since.  This was not our first Maui visit, but we never made it to Haleakala the first time, we were too busy watching the turtles and basking in the sun.  Second time around we finally got more adventurous and made our way through the clouds and to the top of Haleakala summit; the view was breathtaking!

Image of Haleakala Summit, Maui, Hawaii

I strongly recommend for anyone visiting Maui to make the trip to the top of the volcano their top priority.  The drive is unlike any other we have ever experienced: you start off on a regular road but soon end up driving through a thick layer of clouds on a winding serpentine up, up and up.  Then, just as suddenly, the clouds fall back and you’re suddenly above them, viewing the island as if you’re in an airplane.  It gets even better, because what waits at the Haleakala Summit is view unlike any other I have ever seen.  Hundreds of craters and a landscape that simply takes your breath away (the elevation helps with that too).

We all have one regret about the trip still; because it was our last day and we did not know what to expect, we were not prepared for hiking.  Bring a backpack with you if planning to go up, there are miles and miles of hiking trails at the top.  All we could do that day was watch and envy hikers in all directions.  The great thing, is that I’ll be ready for next time, and finding this image in my working files, all lonely and forgotten, just reminded me why we should go back to Haleakala summit sooner, rather than later.

Location: Haleakala Summit, Maui, Hawaii

Exposure: 1/160 sec  f/7.1

ISO: 100

Camera: Cannon 50D

Lens: EF 24-105

Iris flower image

Iris Flower

How to take a picture of an iris flower (or any flower)

Seemingly a monster, it  might look  like one up close,  an iris is a contradiction in many ways. I chose to see  beauty in this flower, but most definitely an edgy one.

So, to accomplish my vision, I went against the most common advice in flower photography, as one of the first words you would normally read is “defuse.”  In this case I say: CONTRAST; every shot is lit from underneath and against a dark background.
My vision, my rules.  Final result: a beautiful iris flower with attitude.

Beautiful Iris Flower Collage

Devil’s Golf Course

Get Off My Golf Course!

Death Valley is absolutely breathtaking; a visit to Devil’s Golf Course makes you feel like you’re definitely on another planet or have suddenly crossed into a parallel universe.  Discovering this guy staring back at us with unmistakable  message – unforgettable.




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