Camouflaged Building, Budapest

Camouflaged Building

Budapest, Hungary: Camouflaged Building

I came across this cleverly camouflaged building on the trip to Budapest back in 2011.  Major restoration work was taking place behind the wall and I found the finishing touches delightfully entertaining.

Of course I used Exposure 5:  600-Yellowed from the Polaroid panel at 60 % opacity.


Church Window

Matthias Church Window

Although this is not what I would usually capture, this particular image is a milestone in my book and an important lesson which I have to remind myself of periodically.

There I was, inside the church, camera resting in the backpack, and, suddenly, I get this urge to capture the window. First thought : “ no way this is happening… no tripod, nothing to set the camera on….. have to really stretch up to even get the window…just can’t get the two shots I need..”. And so I stood there, REALLY wanting to get this image, knowing I can’t do it in one shot and then I decided to try something I have not done before. Took the camera out, measured the light and called my husband to come and help. I used his shoulder (with specific instructions to hold his breath on “Now”) to rest the camera on, took one shot, adjusted the speed for the second and took the second. The result: right here. I had no trouble aligning the two images during processing, the RAW data gave me tons of room to maneuver and even though I could not get quite high enough to get the window I am very happy that I tried something new, unafraid to fail.

This was taken inside Matthias Church which is located right in the heart of the Buda’s Castle district in the beautiful city of Budapest.

Window in Matthias Church


Budapest, Hungary

One of my first HDR Images

I’ve been revisiting some of my folders and found this shot from two years ago, all processed and ready to go.  This was one of my first attempts at HDR and using Photomatix and I still love it.  Given that it’s a big shaky without a tripod @ .6 sec being balanced on a bunch of books….I say it adds to the dreamy effect.

Budapest Parliament


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