Happy Rottweiler Chasing Birds on the Beach


Dog Chasing Birds on the Beach

Rottweiler, the flying dog. Image of a rottweiler ( i think ) dog chasing after the birds on a beach in Pismo, California.

Silly dog, I’m pretty sure it was a Rottweiler or a mix,  happily chasing the birds in one of my favorite places: Pismo Beach, California.

Sometimes ideas are born without much effort; I was having lunch with a friend and I went on as usual, raving about the colors, the smells and the magical feeling in the air at sunset in Pismo Beach…. I love how true friends just put up with you (almost unconditionally) and endure endlessly whatever you have to spill for the day, week, year, or lifetime. That particular day I was reminiscing about Pismo Beach and  we share mutual disappointment , no, more like borderline outrage, about the recent discovery of this hidden gem of a travel destination. Honestly, it is incredibly annoying is seeing your secret place publicized openly and in great detail on Yahoo News as a featured article, several weeks in a row!!!

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Brandt’s Cormorants

 Three Brandt’s Cormorants, Pismo Beach

I’m not a wildlife photographer but these three guys were just hard to resist.

Beautiful birds with a funny name.

Found a great article on California coastal birds and very much enjoyed reading about these guys, turns out we have a lot in common: we both like fish and squid.

Three birds

Munchkin THE PUG, most photogenic dog in the world

Pug: the most photogenic dog in the world.

Munchkin THE PUG.

There’s much more to this story but for now I’m just trying to win a pole on socially acceptable baby/pug ratio for a Christmas card.

image of a pug

Two birds at Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

Golden Gate Bridge

Changing Guards at  Golden Gate Bridge

Our trips to San Francisco are never complete without a visit to the Golden Gate Bridge and the Golden Gate National Park.  It’s an amazingly fascinating and beautiful place which is never quite the same; this place it’s ever changing and captivating to the extreme.  Man-made marvel and pure beauty of nature all in one place, all at once is simply magical. These two sea gulls  seem to share my appreciation for it’s appeal  and took on the visual role of it’s  guards.  Maybe it was the play of a  whimsical mind or simply a result of exhaustion after a seven hour drive at the time but here I am, several month later, still seeing the same thing.  Interesting. Well,  after all, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see” per Mr. Henry David Thoreau.  I could not agree more.

Two birds at Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco

The Gulf of Finland from Peterhof

Ducks in the Fog

Visiting Peterhof Palace was an incredible experience but the feeling I got walking along the shore, looking out over the water still lingers.

I guess Peter knew how to pick a spot, it’s one of the most emotion stirring and unsettling places I have ever been to. Even the ducks seemed different, adding to the unsettling , almost haunting feeling.

Ducks in The Fog


I’m Ready for My Close Up

Green Iguana

This beauty was a girl!  Having never encountered one of this monstrous creatures in their natural habitat, I was nervous and, it turns out, for a good reason.  Who would think that a red nail polish or my toes can rub these guys the wrong way?  Oh well, another lesson learned.  Quick shoe swap and I was back to business – snapping. This one never took her eyes off me and kept striking a pose, it was really hilarious and I got another reminder that nature is absolutely perfect in its creation, you just have to see and take the opportunity whenever it arises, even if you’re scared to death of being whipped by a long, scaly  tail.

Large Female Iguana

Milieux: surroundings, location, or setting

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

There’s beauty all around, all the time; one has to be open in order to see the opportunity amidst the everyday and usual. It’s all there, just waiting to be seen and become an exotic, out of the ordinary and great adventure.

Here’s what I stumbled upon not in a deep tropic jungle but right in my own back yard.

My peaceful, late (love to sleep in) Saturday morning was interrupted by my husband: “get your camera, quick”, fast followed by chilling screams of my girls from outside which could only mean one thing – arachnid. That was my cue to quickly grab my macro, gather my courage and jet outside, ready for action!

It’s all about the light… a single line that can never be used too many times. Had it not been for the light, this beauty would probably go unnoticed like it’s done until that day, but she was just glowing and striking a pose just for me. If I had one piece of advice for a beginning photographer, it would be: go with the flow, take chances, and be spontaneous. So I grab a ladder, climb up REALLY high, get too close for comfort and shoot. From the front, from the back, from the side. The spider is placid, ignoring me the best she can and hoping I’ll let her be, but I have other plans. Water drops also look great when back lit, so my faithful assistant/husband grabs a hose on my command and we make some rain.

What you see is the result of courage (yes, really), quick thinking, and a crazy balancing act with a ladder. Totally unexpected and a great experience.

Watch out, something wonderful just might happen to be in the right light at any moment.

Picture of an orb-weaver spider



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