Seascape Parallels

Pismo Beach Seascape

This is probably my favorite seascape of Pismo Beach, California.  It’s an amazing place to visit any season and it has an incredible micro climate, offering a cool place to escape during the summer and a warm place to look forward to during the winter. Of course, no matter when you go, there are endless photo opportunities here.
seascape image. parallel lines consisting of sand, wood, ocean waves and the sky

I have taken and processes so many different images of the ocean from Pismo Beach over the years, but this particular seascape caught my eye this morning because of its peaceful nature. These usually do not contain perfectly straight lines, as the beauty of the seascape is quite the opposite. I guess I saw a different side to my favorite beach, and the playful display of parallels appealed to me greatly even though it has been two years since this image was taken. I guess time to go back and get some more (as if I ever need an excuse).
As to the technical specifications, this was pretty simple and straightforward: minor Lightoom adjustments for contrast, followed by a final finishing touch in Photoshop using one of my favorite plugins: Exposure 7 by Alienskin. This was done using the Kodachrome 35mm – Brighter filer from their Vintage selection (I use this one a lot), I love the consistent blues and pure whites.

The exposure is as follows:
Exposure: 1/200 sec at f/ 8.0
Focal Length: 105 mm
ISO: 100
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Lens: Canon EF 24-105mm  (LOVE this lens)

Lewis Falls

Yellowstone Waterfall – Lewis Falls

Image of the Lewis Falls in Yellowstone National Park


One of the most accessible waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park is Lewis Falls; you don’t even need to get out of your car to get a glimpse of it while entering the park from the south entrance.

I do, however, recommend that one take the time and pull over: there is plenty of parking space and a few minutes by Lewis Falls provided us a wonderful welcome and introduction to the park.

Also, we found an interesting place to take in the sights on the other side of the highway, right along the river. Burned trees and lush fire regrowth along the bank gave us much to look forward to.

Happy Rottweiler Chasing Birds on the Beach


Dog Chasing Birds on the Beach

Rottweiler, the flying dog. Image of a rottweiler ( i think ) dog chasing after the birds on a beach in Pismo, California.

Silly dog, I’m pretty sure it was a Rottweiler or a mix,  happily chasing the birds in one of my favorite places: Pismo Beach, California.

Sometimes ideas are born without much effort; I was having lunch with a friend and I went on as usual, raving about the colors, the smells and the magical feeling in the air at sunset in Pismo Beach…. I love how true friends just put up with you (almost unconditionally) and endure endlessly whatever you have to spill for the day, week, year, or lifetime. That particular day I was reminiscing about Pismo Beach and  we share mutual disappointment , no, more like borderline outrage, about the recent discovery of this hidden gem of a travel destination. Honestly, it is incredibly annoying is seeing your secret place publicized openly and in great detail on Yahoo News as a featured article, several weeks in a row!!!

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Brandt’s Cormorants

 Three Brandt’s Cormorants, Pismo Beach

I’m not a wildlife photographer but these three guys were just hard to resist.

Beautiful birds with a funny name.

Found a great article on California coastal birds and very much enjoyed reading about these guys, turns out we have a lot in common: we both like fish and squid.

Three birds

Smoky Water Effect

Creating Smoky Water Effect

Alas, so little time for fun! I did manage to get to some images from our Pismo Beach trip this year and quite a bit of fun working on this one.

Creating smoky water effect takes a lot of patience and a lot of practice; sure, I’ve gotten lucky sometimes and got a beautiful shot withMotion Blur, Ocean Waves

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Morro Bay, California

Beautiful Morro Bay

Just like that, 2013 is almost gone.  This is my beautiful memory at Morro Bay Beach; my daughter looking at a shell she found, just like she did when she was 5.

My wish for a Happy New Year is: More Happy Memories!

Hello Little Shell



Creating a Perfect Reflection with Motion Blur

Motion Blur Technique

How to create a perfect reflection with motion blur

Sometimes the best compliments are not completely intentional. Looking at this image, my daughter said: “mom, the reflection doesn’t look real, why’d you do it?! (The brutal honesty of a teenager). My reply was simply: “I did not. That’s how I took the photo.”

Motion Blur, Merced River

Motion blur adds a sprinkle of emotion to a scene; I find it fascinating because the results are not always predictable so there’s always an element of surprise. If, however, you’re looking for a predictable outcome and wish to create a perfect reflection with motion blur, it’s pretty simple to accomplish. To do this you’ll need three pieces of equipment in addition to your camera:

1. Tripod (this is NOT an option!)

2. Neutral density filter, I recommend the 9 stop Hoya (this allows you to shoot at 30 seconds in midday sun)

3. Remote shutter release cable (semi-optional but not really)

This shot was taken in Yosemite National Park, the waters of the Merced River, to my delight, were high for August. Taken at a 20 second exposure at F/22, ISO 200. The semi-optional cable release was missing from my bag so there’s a slight camera shake which I do not mind in this image but best safe than sorry.

Happy shooting!


The Gulf of Finland from Peterhof

Ducks in the Fog

Visiting Peterhof Palace was an incredible experience but the feeling I got walking along the shore, looking out over the water still lingers.

I guess Peter knew how to pick a spot, it’s one of the most emotion stirring and unsettling places I have ever been to. Even the ducks seemed different, adding to the unsettling , almost haunting feeling.

Ducks in The Fog


Reliving the Moment

Symmetry in Color

Having let the blog almost die I have come to the realization that stressing over post absences was not really the point of this endeavor, and, after all, during the “quiet time” I have been shooting, shooting and shooting.  I never found negotiations with myself an easy task but it seems that since I win either way, I will let myself off the hook for criminally prolonged silence on bases of having compensated for it in acquired images.

Reliving the moment, I now see a presence of an absolutely wonderful bonus to processing my work. No matter how much time has elapsed between the image capture and the time I process it, the senses are instantly stimulated and the original experience of the scene is brought back to life once again.  What a discovery!

Image of two boats in the ocean, almost perfectly symmetrical with an island in the middle

Cascade Falls

Yosemite National Park

As I begin to write this post I realize that I will be repeating myself but it’s definitely worth another mention:  have your camera ready. I don’t just mean the camera within your reach, it’s so worth having more memory cards than you think you’ll need (sometimes they fail, other times they fill up too quickly), they are inexpensive and there’s nothing worse than having to delete in-camera to take another shot.  Having a fully charged battery AT ALL TIMES also helps which makes having a spare battery also worthwhile, this all boils down to being prepared.

The result: a totally unexpected opportunity that just popped out from around the corner, having all of the equipment accessible and ready to go was definitely a plus.
Cascade Falls, Yosemite National Park, California

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