Revisiting the Desert/ Death Valley Camping Trip

Death Valley National Park Camping Adventure

We were very lucky this year with both trips to the Death Valley National Park as both times we were accompanied by a storm.

Not only we got an exciting “real adventure” experience during each Death Valley camping trips, I also got tons of clouds in my shots. Could not ask for more.


Image of Death Valley Campground

Death Valley Camping trip

There are some nights that one never want to forget. For us, this was one of them: ¬†Death Valley camping trip. Although the Furnace Creek Campground does not exactly qualify as ‘wilderness’, this night qualified in my book. Unlike any other night we’ve spent at the campground, on this particular night, ¬†site 119 could have been miles away from civilization and we would not know the difference. We had no neighbors – they all probably cancelled due to the storm. We got to the campground in pitch black during a sandstorm ( we were late because I was capturing the storm for awhile). This is a walk-in site, furthest from the lot :). Did I mention we’re somewhat new to camping? Well, we are. This was a perfect combination for an awesome adventure; we managed to set up our new tent and even have a glass of wine before the first raindrop. I also got to capture memories. So glad I did.