Fire Regrowth

Yellowstone National Park Fire Regrowth

Image of the burned trees and fire regrowth in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

The trip to Yellowstone National Park this year left us dumbfounded and completely overwhelmed; we started planning a return trip before ever leaving this amazing place.   There was a surprise waiting for us on every turn of the road; we’ve researched the park thoroughly, looked at countless photographs and still the experience of being there by far surpassed our every expectation.

It all started within minutes of crossing beyond the “Welcome to Yellowstone National Park” at the south entrance;   we pulled over next to the sign for Lewis Falls, but it was the riverbank on the opposite side of the road that caught our immediate attention instead.  It was the vast spread of burned trees standing perfectly straight and, amidst the silent giants, the thick, strong and lively fire regrowth of new life – the contrast of these two was pretty powerful.

Having read a little about the big Yellowstone Fire over 20 years ago, it was still unexpected to see such a well preserved evidence of the event.  The fire regrowth was everywhere as were the fallen and many still standing giants, adding to the already surreal feeling of the place which truly is beyond words.