Haleakala Volcano Summit

Haleakala National Park – the Volcano Adventure

The drive to Haleakala Volcano Summit is one of the most unforgettable drives my family has ever had. The trip took place during our second visit to Hawaii, when we obediently followed a friend’s firm order of “ABSOLUTELY MUST SEE THIS PLACE”.

After spending some time on the island and enjoying our usual “get away from reality activities” for a couple of days, we decided to see what all the fuss was about; semi-skeptical and risking a lost day of the perfect paradise experience, we set off on our volcano adventure, mostly, I think, because it sounded cool. Vol-ca-nooooooooo.

There we were, in a tiny  Mazda 3, two grumpy,tan-deprived teens in the back seat, on our way to the volcano summit.  Terribly overacting our excitement and trying to convince ourselves that this was all worth it. But not for long, because as soon as we reached the basin of the mountain, the landscape started to change drastically.  Clouds got dense and heavy above us and very soon the excitement about seeing what was above them was pure and genuine, no convincing required for ourselves as well as our teen monsters in the back.

Someone turned off the music, we all rolled the windows down and just looked around, grins of delight slowly emerging on our faces.

Clouds – that was the first thing that amazed us that day. The second – was driving into them, through them and then, most incredibly, above them. Little did we know when we set off for this day trip that this would turn out to be a journey to remember.  As we climbed up the narrow road, it got colder and the clouds got thicker; so much thicker, in fact, that at times we had to slow to snail speed as visibility was so poor. It was like driving in a dream.
This dream lasted for quite a while, scary, as you never knew how long it would be before you could see the road again or how sharp the next turn would be and, suddenly, the the trip to see the volcano became a mysterious adventure full of adrenalin rushes,  a destination we all wanted to get to (as soon as possible.)
The drive to Haleakala National Park turned out to be a true VOLCANO adventure for our family and what waited for us above the clouds was worth much more than a thousand words….