Improve your portrait photography

Improve your portrait photography with self-assigned projects

Envision it, execute it, own it, learn from it

senior portrait photography session

I  greatly enjoy the inexhaustible learning opportunities that photography represents. I also believe  in the practice makes perfect theory when it comes to photography.  This makes for a very simple formula which I have been following  using these simple steps:

1. Learn from the best

2. Practice what you’ve learned

3. Do it again

4. Do it better, don’t move on until you can do it with your eyes closed (well, maybe just one eye so that you can see through the viewfinder)

Getting better at portrait photography can be as easy as planning a fun-filled self-assignment project.  This is the time when you can do whatever you like and experiment as much as you want. NO PRESSURE.  How else can it be done? Practicing or experimenting on a client is really not a good idea.  The only thing is not to forget all the crucial steps and plan the shoot as if it were for a real client, otherwise there’s no point.  Envision the project, plan it, sketch it and prepare for it.  Afterwards, analyse your work, learn from your mistakes, learn from your successes  and do it again.