Lone Pine Sunrise

Lone Pine Sunrise or How to Visit Death Valley in Just One Day.

Lone Pine, California, nestled along the Highway 395 is a little town with a population of just over 2,000 but it can offer an amazing Lone Pine Sunrise to anyone wanting to reach or visit Death Valley in just one day.

Admittedly, it’s one of many that people look past on their way to the big, exciting Mammoth Lakes as they drive up, reducing their speed because they have to,  and looking straight ahead, thinking the entire time “I can NEVER live here”.  A few actually pause and think.  They think why people live in this desolate place.  They also think about the fact that if they had to, would they be able to? Also, if they did not have to, why would they choose to? Mostly, we chose not to think about those reasons.  But I wonder, why do we naturally presume that those reasons are bad?

This post is about one of the magical things Lone Pine has offer to the unsuspecting passerby: an opportunity to visit the amazing Death Valley in just one day.  Admittedly, a day is NOT enough, but for the lack of alternatives this life has to offer, if one day is all you get, the sleepy town of Lone Pine is the way to get it.


Image of a sunrise in Lone Pine


Our first time to see the Death Valley was all the way back in 2012, I actually had to look up the date, and, astonishingly, underestimated the time elapsed by 2 years!  Lately, this does happen a lot.  Fortunately, I happen to appreciate time and try and make the most of it.

Visiting Death Valley in just one day is pretty simple: since all of the places inside the valley itself are booked at least six month ahead of time, try booking a night in Lone Pine instead.  Wake up early, catch an amazing Lone Pine Sunrise,  (the thing most people miss looking straight ahead) just  look across the road and then reach your destination in less than two hours.

The Lone Pine sunrise was a powerful experience and, finally, I had a chance to correct my wrongs and… redo a photoshoot I really messed up almost four years ago.

Hooray and hello beautiful Lone Pine Sunrise!