Natural Light Portrait

Catching a fairy

As I write the summary on the lighting set up and exposure notes for a “natural light portrait setup tutorial”, I realize the importance of mastering the light under any conditions. In fact, it is absolutely essential to be worry free when it comes to any technical aspects of photography when working with people. I find that the real challenge is to capture the most subtle gesture, a momentary expression, or an elusive smile which results in a beautiful story being revealed.


Yosemite Meadow

Pine in the Meadow

Yosemite Meadow in Color

Baby Blue Eyes

California Native: Baby Blue Eyes

After long hours of portrait retouching this week I realized that I touch up flowers the same way I retouch faces: every little detail. And why not? With the name like Baby Blue Eyes nothing else will suffice.

Picture of Baby Blue Eyes Wildflower

Badwater Basin, Death Valley National Park


Standing next to the Badwater Basin at 282 ft below sea level, looking out at salt flats spreading as far as the eye can see, I realized that Death Valley is a truly fitting name for this magnificent place. I remember feeling utterly vulnerable and instinctively reaching for my water bottle just a few feet from my car; an incomparable, powerful experience which I am not likely to forget any time soon.

Image of Badwater Basin, Death Valley National Park.

Wild Flowers of Angeles National Forest

Wild Raspberry Flower

Photograph of a wild raspberry flower




Wild Flowers Series

Wild Flowers of Angeles National  Forest.

I finally got an opportunity to shoot some of the wild flowers along my favorite trail in the Angeles Crest Forest!

Wild Flowers of Angeles Crest Forest

Sierra Nevada Flow

Sierra Nevada Series

I decided to go short and sweet.  This one made itself (with a little help).  I found out that the most important part of editing is not what you keep, those images are always visible, but what to take away.  I started with the center image and the rest just fell into place.

Sierra Nevada Flow

Sierra Nevada Mountain Range Complete

Less is more: when I got to the second image in the series I knew that my Sierra Nevada Flow Series will be short…. very short. Just a simple triptych. This image is the last one and together they make up the flow.

Image of Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

Sierra Nevada Range 2

Sierra Nevada Flow Series

Second image ready to go.  I’m finding working on a series is very different than a stand-alone image but it’s coming along and it works with the first image  quite well.

Photograph of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

Sierra Nevada Range

Sierra Nevada Flow

My first love in art was literature. It is to the literary works of romantics I read in my
youth that I attribute my fascination with mountains, desert and the ocean. Having grown up in the plains, the connection of these elements to adventure grew in me until they became reality, firmly instilled and part of me to this day.

I guess that is why I love California so much: all the adventure, all in one place and I try my very best not to take it for granted. Here’s my tribute to the magnificent Sierra Nevada Mountain Range; this image is the first in the series of ….we’ll see.

Photograph of the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range

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