Winter Wonderland

Photograph of Angeles Crest Highway in SnpwAngeles Crest Highway – Enchanted

This does not happen often here but when it does – it sure is a treat, especially at this low altitude.

How to Get Likes for Your Facebook Page

Tips on how to create a Facebook page and secure a custom URL

Social Networking.  It’s emphasis is hard to ignore while trying to develop a web presence.  If you’re a “popular” person on the web, I salute your frown, but for those of  who are super-private and have not planted any roots prior to the “launch” this could present a painful challenge, or rather an interesting lesson as I like to see it.

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Happy Day! Got The Custom Facebook Page:!!!

Custom Facebook Page – Done!!!!

Huge THANK YOU to all who clicked the Like button!

Big lesson learned about social networking last night which warrants its own separate post (coming soon), but for now: celebration time!

Pleasantly enough, this day also marks the first day of spring so here is a super-springy image.  Again, my back yard is seldom running low on beautiful.

Photo of a pink flower


Rainbow Between Two Mountains

One of the great things about my trips to Hawaii is that there was never a shortage of scenery but even there I found it useful to have the camera ready, just in case something unusual happens.

Sure enough, it did.

Image of a rainbow between two mountains


Nevada Falls, Yosemite National Park

Beautiful places are often  remote and hard to get to, especially if one has to carry heavy equipment.

This is an opportunity for me to thank my husband who at times refers to himself as “the burro” (I personally think burros are really cute) and I have to say that this particular shot is most definitely a product of team work.

Lesson learned from this trip: invest in a carbon fiber tripod!  Overall result: my expectations of the Hoya ND-400 X are most definitely met and then some.

Image of Nevada Falls, Yosemite National Park, California

This Way to the Water

Nature is unfailingly full of surprises.

As I’m looking for the way to descend down to the beach, I see…an arrow and then another. This way! With a couple of steps back, the angle is right and the composition just came together.

Unexpected, memorable, satisfying.

Image of a rock formation pointing to the water

The Whimsical Approach

The Tree on the Beach – Black and White

After an agonizing attempt to define myself as an artist (in words), trying to “find my own voice”, “have a signature technique” or come up with a “unique style” I have consciously given up the chore simply because it became just that.

I am not ready to define myself; not because I can’t but because I don’t want to commit to just doing one thing – I so love to experiment. I think I found a safe “out” for now, I’m willing to take advantage of the most obvious: I am a woman, I choose to exercise my rights of being whimsical.

As I processed this photo, made the final adjustments so that all the colors are perfectly conforming to the Elena Specs, walked away, came back, looked at it again: I’m finally happy, hit “save”. It’s ready to be posted the next day.

The next day I look and, without giving it another thought, hit the channel mixer in monochrome…. I still wonder if it was the weather or the Nocturne in C-sharp minor that’s to blame or to thank but there you have it. Complete and utter opposite, but great never the less and the best part- I choose to keep both! My biggest inspirations are Ivan Shishkin and Anzel Adams, I cannot choose only one. At least not for now.

Image of a tree on the beach

Milieux: surroundings, location, or setting

The Itsy Bitsy Spider

There’s beauty all around, all the time; one has to be open in order to see the opportunity amidst the everyday and usual. It’s all there, just waiting to be seen and become an exotic, out of the ordinary and great adventure.

Here’s what I stumbled upon not in a deep tropic jungle but right in my own back yard.

My peaceful, late (love to sleep in) Saturday morning was interrupted by my husband: “get your camera, quick”, fast followed by chilling screams of my girls from outside which could only mean one thing – arachnid. That was my cue to quickly grab my macro, gather my courage and jet outside, ready for action!

It’s all about the light… a single line that can never be used too many times. Had it not been for the light, this beauty would probably go unnoticed like it’s done until that day, but she was just glowing and striking a pose just for me. If I had one piece of advice for a beginning photographer, it would be: go with the flow, take chances, and be spontaneous. So I grab a ladder, climb up REALLY high, get too close for comfort and shoot. From the front, from the back, from the side. The spider is placid, ignoring me the best she can and hoping I’ll let her be, but I have other plans. Water drops also look great when back lit, so my faithful assistant/husband grabs a hose on my command and we make some rain.

What you see is the result of courage (yes, really), quick thinking, and a crazy balancing act with a ladder. Totally unexpected and a great experience.

Watch out, something wonderful just might happen to be in the right light at any moment.

Picture of an orb-weaver spider


Getting caught up in the moment

This was one of the strangest shoots and I got there just in the nick of time.  This unusual beach is located in the beautiful Montana de Oro State Park in California but it’s tricky to get to and isn’t always accessible, so after a fun filled day out with my family and right before the sunset I remembered about this place and in my “mom” tone ordered everyone to get in the car.  It’s not a long hike but it’s remote and involves climbing up and down gorgeous but giant sand dunes, not ideal if you’re running close to missing the sunset.  To make a long story short, I end up running, falling a couple of times, my family far behind somewhere and the sun… just keeps going down.  So I get there and just get down (had to get low for this one), aim, hold my breath and go with the safe 1/60.  By the time my husband and children catch up with me, I’m soaking wet because I’m lying down in the puddle, but still shooting.  You know what teenagers think when they give you THAT look, but they said nothing and left me to do my thing.  All I had to say on the way back was “That was fun” despite the fact that I could barely speak because my teeth were chattering so fast.    I still giggle every time I see this image;  it was a fun, crazy and wonderful experience and I can never have enough of that.

Sun Setting Behind a Round Rock

How to choose a photo hosting service to suit your needs

My galleries are up, the link is live and the folders are slowly expanding.

I promised to share, so here it is:

As everything else, deciding on where to host your photographs, how to organize them and how to sell them online can be tricky. There are so many options out there that the process of putting all the pieces together can be quite overwhelming. I found it helpful to break the problems down and deal with them one at a time. Galleries page is solved.

When it’s time for you think about getting your work out there and ready for sale, consider the following points:

  • What form do you want your work to be available in (is it just prints? postcards? downloads? what sizes? finishes? do you want to offer an array of products?)
  • How much storage space you’ll need
  • How much technical support you think you might need
  • How do you want to deal with printing, delivery and distribution (work through the steps one by one, the process can be quite complicated and time consuming)
  • How do you want to handle payments
  • Does your host make it easy for you to share your site
  • Is it customizable (branding is not to be underestimated)
  • Can you have your own custom web address (is that important to you?)
  • How much are you willing to pay
  • Compare all the options, as with everything else- you normally get what you pay for
  • Research, look and listen and decide on what is best for you
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