Happy Rottweiler Chasing Birds on the Beach


Dog Chasing Birds on the Beach

Rottweiler, the flying dog. Image of a rottweiler ( i think ) dog chasing after the birds on a beach in Pismo, California.

Silly dog, I’m pretty sure it was a Rottweiler or a mix,  happily chasing the birds in one of my favorite places: Pismo Beach, California.

Sometimes ideas are born without much effort; I was having lunch with a friend and I went on as usual, raving about the colors, the smells and the magical feeling in the air at sunset in Pismo Beach…. I love how true friends just put up with you (almost unconditionally) and endure endlessly whatever you have to spill for the day, week, year, or lifetime. That particular day I was reminiscing about Pismo Beach and  we share mutual disappointment , no, more like borderline outrage, about the recent discovery of this hidden gem of a travel destination. Honestly, it is incredibly annoying is seeing your secret place publicized openly and in great detail on Yahoo News as a featured article, several weeks in a row!!!

Gurrrrrr!  Of course, it will never be the same again, already my  favorite lodging rates tripled and the secret cove is now out in the open, prowled by all who pay attention to travel news in lousy Yahoo articles. Yes, I AM bitter. Why you ask? Because this was a secret, this was special shared only amongst  those friends who truly value solitude, and I could always count on finding a room in any hotel along the magnificent stretch of the coast a day before without having to dip into my savings….. This SUCKS!!!!

Fourteen years of two or three rejuvenating visits per year,just enough to hold us over to the next trip, indulge in the scenery, without crowds (who read lousy Yahoo articles),  have award winning clam chowder at Splash Cafe for breakfast, lunch and dinner and be totally distant from reality…Bitter? Oh yeah, I’m definitely bitter !!!

But, also happy, for the years we were able to call this place ours, the secret getaway, for the smiles of my children, for my own smiles: senseless, overwhelmed by emotion and utterly pure, enjoying life to the fullest and coveting every moment( hence the bitter). Dog chasing birds on the beach, this image suddenly embodies how I feel about this place,  I’m just as slap happy the entire time I’m there. Only the dog is innocent, willing to share and I’m not.

Thank you to my wonderful family for my precious memories and thank you to my friends who listen to my ravings.
The idea born that day was simple: “you talk about these places nonstop, why don’t you write about it” I get she does not even recall saying it.
New category….”Favorite Places”. Just like that.