Seascape Parallels

Pismo Beach Seascape

This is probably my favorite seascape of Pismo Beach, California.  It’s an amazing place to visit any season and it has an incredible micro climate, offering a cool place to escape during the summer and a warm place to look forward to during the winter. Of course, no matter when you go, there are endless photo opportunities here.
seascape image. parallel lines consisting of sand, wood, ocean waves and the sky

I have taken and processes so many different images of the ocean from Pismo Beach over the years, but this particular seascape caught my eye this morning because of its peaceful nature. These usually do not contain perfectly straight lines, as the beauty of the seascape is quite the opposite. I guess I saw a different side to my favorite beach, and the playful display of parallels appealed to me greatly even though it has been two years since this image was taken. I guess time to go back and get some more (as if I ever need an excuse).
As to the technical specifications, this was pretty simple and straightforward: minor Lightoom adjustments for contrast, followed by a final finishing touch in Photoshop using one of my favorite plugins: Exposure 7 by Alienskin. This was done using the Kodachrome 35mm – Brighter filer from their Vintage selection (I use this one a lot), I love the consistent blues and pure whites.

The exposure is as follows:
Exposure: 1/200 sec at f/ 8.0
Focal Length: 105 mm
ISO: 100
Camera: Canon 5D Mark II
Lens: Canon EF 24-105mm  (LOVE this lens)