Stormy Clouds

Cloud volcano and chasing stormy clouds

Image of stormy clouds


I LOVE California.  I love the weather, the people and the inexhaustible variety of  almost everything.  From food, to landscape, to entertainment options – the choices are varied and delightfully bountiful.  California is a wonderful place to call home.

There is, however, a constant absence here which I note quite frequently: the absence of clouds.  Yes, I am spoiled and I do want it all.

As someone who is constantly chasing a pretty landscape picture, I find myself wanting to scream at times.  You know, those times when you have a beautiful shot just begging to be captured: the sunset hits the mountains just at the right angle, the flowers glow, the water shimmers and a bird flies as on cue into your frame.  You take the shot and end up with a beautiful composition, great colors, dreamy lighting and… a gaping blue hole up top.  The missing sky.   It is painful, endlessly frustrating and, I must admit,  I have even considered pasting skies in.  Yes, yes I did.  I even have a full stock of skies for pasting.  I just can’t do it or, maybe, I can’t do it just yet.  Another year or two of this drought and I’ll be ready though.

For now, I chase clouds wherever I find them.  This amazing stormy cloud covered mountain in the Grand Tetons looked just like a cloud volcano.  It was a great sight to see a great privilege to photograph.