Cloud Formation and things to do in Geneva

Lake Annecy, France: Cloud Formation


A trip to lake Annecy was a complete accident but an unforgettable one; it is a MUST for anyone visiting the Rhône-Alpes region and also one of the  places to visit near the city of  Geneva.

We literally got stuck in Geneva for 4 days without doing the “things to do in Geneva” preparation before the trip and then the most wonderful thing happened: we went back to the airport, rented a car and spent 4 days exploring the Alps, getting lost in little mountain villages and seeing things no “things to do” list could ever prepare us for.

I do love Southern California but when it comes to landscapes, we’re so often left with a big blue hole instead of a beautiful sky it makes me want to cry. So when I end up in a place like Annecy I find it really hard to put down my camera (or look down for that matter).

How do you find this beautiful place?  Simple: if staying in Geneva, take a bus to the airport and pick up a car with a navigation system. Annecy is about 25 miles south of the city, you have a choice to take a toll road (which is amazingly empty and well maintained  and worth the cost if in a hurry) or set the navigation to “no toll roads” and go through small little towns which has it’s own charm. We did both since we had to go back for a second visit, no regrets on either option.