Upper Falls, Yellowstone National Park

The Grandest of Yellowstone National Park Waterfalls

After a LONG break of 15 months I finally figured out what’s missing… and that would be my weekly/semiweekly post to this blog.  To make a long story short and after elimination of all of the excuses, the consensus leads me to a very positive outlook:

  •  LIFE happens, not much you can do about it
  •  It’s really not that bad to step away and re-evaluate your work and your direction
  •  If you come back, you come back hungry and feeling deprived and that is ALWAYS a plus in the world of artful expression

That just about wraps it up, so back to photography.
The good thing is that, while I had no time to process, post or even look at most of my images, I MADE time and opportunity to take them; a visit to the Yellowstone National Park back in July left me simply breathless.  I knew it would be incredible, but this enchanted place by far exceeded every one of my expectations and left me utterly overwhelmed. I just cannot wait to go back. Soon.
I processed this image first because I envisioned it on the spot: the green arrow of water is naturally green, the pines (both dead and alive) are naturally opposing the flow of the waterfall. The grandeur of this scene, however, can never be adequately represented in this form, as its missing the sound, the smell and the ache of your own body to complete it.

This is as close as I can get to embodiment of the Upper Falls of Yellowstone National Park, one of the most haunting places I have ever had a privilege to see.

Yellowstone National Park, Upper Falls Waterfall Image