Panorama Trick : Yellowstone Pools

Yellowstone Pools and a Little Panorama Trick

Yellowstone Pools are one of the major contributions to the surreal appearance of the Yellowstone National Park.  The bubbling water, the amazing colors, and the smells all contribute to the other-woldldly experience and make for a hell of a photo opportunity.

Some opportunities, however, come with a challenge, and this shot was no exception.  Because of the proximity to the scene and a fence which obstructed the view (but protected the well-being of the observer), my 24-105 mm lens was simply not going to cut it: at the maximum 24 mm zoom I was still missing the sky!  This became a chance to experiment and think fast, so I flipped to a portrait orientation  and clicked away… I’m sure glad I did.

Yellowstone Pools

The lesson learned is that you can even get your shot in tight places, with abstractions and equipment limitations; the trick is to stitch it all up in post processing and knowing what you want to capture.  Yellowstone pools can be depicted in limitless number of ways, but for me it was important to portray their presence against a beautiful sky and a forest line on the horizon.

I highly recommend to try this technique sometime, and here is a very helpful tutorial from Phlearn on how to process your panorama in Photoshop in case you’ve never tried it before : .

Personal panorama trick:

  1. A panorama does not need to look like one. Focus on what you wanted to capture and cut out the rest.
  2. Use your manual focus. This is VERY important; otherwise you might not get the desired result.
  3. If you fail, then try again. This is MOST important as the technology at this point handles most of the problems, just don’t give up.

Happy shooting to All.